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Black and white film is processed using D-76 as our standard developer. T-Max films are developed in T- Max RS developer. We process using the Jobo rotary tube system.

Utmost care is taken in the handling of your black & white film to avoid dust and scratches. All negatives are returned in archival clear plastic sleeves for protection and easy identification.

We process only True black and white films
WE DO NOT PROCESS C - 41 films
such as Kodak CN400 and Ilford XP2.


Black and white film processing


( This is the cost to develop film only - just negatives - NO PRINTS )

  35mm ( 20 or 24 exp.)   $ 4.50
  35mm ( 36 exp.)   $ 5.50
  120 roll film   $ 5.00
  220 roll film   $ 7.00
  4 x 5 sheet film   $ 2.00 per sheet

arrow  Add 50%  additional for push or pull processing per roll

Normal Service: 3 working days



A contact sheet is an 8½ x 11 piece of photographic paper with images the same size as the negatives. Contact sheets are exposed to yield the best overall view of your negatives.



8½ x 11 contact sheet

Normal Service: 3 working days

  per roll

$ 8.00


Photo CD scans are a high quality medium resolution JPEG file. The files are scanned at 300 dpi and sized to approximately 4x6 for 35mm up to 5x7 for 120 and 4x5 sheet film.

The image files are suitable for viewing on a computer as proofs, printing as 4x6's or 5x7's, for web use or to be e-mailed.

These are considered medium resolution files and are not intended for large prints. If you need high resolution scans for large prints or retouching go to our "scanning" page.

We offer this service at the time of processing or from film already developed.

   35mm roll up to 36 images (one roll per CD)    $ 12.00 per roll
  120 roll   $ 12.00 per roll
  220 roll   $ 24.00 per roll
  4 x 5 sheet film (4 sheet minimum)   $ 12.00    ($3.00 per sheet after 4)
  Duplicate 2nd CD   $ 5.00
  Normal Service: 5 working days    
  • We do not offer proof prints or machine prints
    ( one print from each negative ) at the time of processing; 
    all of our prints are custom enlargements.

  • If you would like us to hold your negatives on file and just send back your contact and/or Photo CD, please indicate this on your order form.

  • There is No Charge for holding negatives on file. Negatives are held for up to 3 months awaiting a print order. If no order is placed during that time the negatives will be returned to you at no additional cost.

    If you do not mark your order form with a choice, your negatives will not be held.



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